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Established in 1972

M/S MALKAR INDUSTRIES, engages in manufacturing and exporting of precision gears and allied items, have achieved name for 'quality' essential in precision gearing for gear boxes, actuators, wiper motor fans, instruments etc. Malkar industries, have specialization in manufacturing of standard/non standard hardened and ground spur, helical, worm & worm wheel gears, ground finished worms thread rolling dies, lead screws and hob cutters. Malkar industries, have established : in- house facilities for gear hobbing, gear grinding, thread grinding & hob cutter manufacturing in owned premises located in industrial area.

  • equipped with various latest in-house test & inspection facilities like optical profile projector
  • tool marks microscope, gear roll tester, 3- wire measuring unit.
  • lead & profile tester and various other regular instruments..

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Spur Gears • Helical Gears • Worm & Worm Wheels • Knurling Tools • Thread Rolling Dies • Leadscrews • Rack Pinion • Hob Cutter • Serration Cutter

Industrial Gears

1.We offer a wide range of Industrial Gears like industrial helical gears, helical and spur gears, helical pinion gears and automotive gears in standard & non standard module / DP profiles as per customer specifications.

2.we are having multi ribbed gear grinding machines used for mass production of gears where we can be produce industrial automotive gears in quantity at lowest cost.

3.All industrial automotive gear profile are checked on CNC lead & profile tester as per din standard accuracy.

4.We are specialized in manufacturing fine industrial gears, helical spur gears, pitch industrial automotive gear i.e 0.5 module to 1.5 module capacity & up to 200 mm diameter.

5. We are having 32 MIKRON gear hobbing machines.

Knurling Tools

Rapid knurling tools are manufactured according to international quality standards & made from the finest material available. our high speed knurling tool gives longer life to the knurled surface & forms accurate knurled ridges.

Apart from manufacturing tools according to standard sizes we also manufacture tools according to your specifications and needs

  • Made in accordance with DIN 82 standard
  • Best in class quality
  • Makes accurate knurled ridges
  • Designed with sharp edges & curves
  • Types include: AA BL BR GE GV KE KV

Knurling Tool Holders

Rapid knurling tool holders helps the knurling tool to produce accurate ridges by pushing the tool against the surface when in action. our tool holders supports wide range of knurling tools

  • Convenient for various knurling profiles
  • High quality material
  • Accomodates wide range of knurling tools
  • Helps to perform smoother knurling operation


We offer a wide variety of Lead Screws to our clients that are exclusively used as a vital part in several machines parts. The screw is designed to translate turning motion into linear motion, making brake system faster and reliable. Our collection of lead screw offers smooth and accurate performance.

Our collection of single & multistart screws offer smooth and sccurate performance. These Single & Multistart Lead Screw are available in various types of threads such as

  • ACME
  • Trapezoidal
  • Metric

Rack Pinion

Our esteemed clients can avail from us an extensive range of Gear Racks at industry leading prices. Gear racks are utilized to convert rotating movement into linear motion.Rack, Gear Rack , Rack for Router , MS Rack , Toothed Rack Straight Toothed and Helical Toothed

Thread Rolls

We manufacture thread rolling dies in HSS & D2 (HCHC) Steel with controlled dimensional tolerance & controlled heat treatment process

The types of thread rolling dies include

  • In-feed Rolls
  • Through feed Rolls
  • Taper Entry Through feed Rolls
  • Taper Entry Infeed Through feed Rolls
  • Taper Rolls like NPT, BSPT
  • Worm Shaft Profile Rolls
  • Acme & Trapezoidal Profile Rolls
  • Serration Profile Rolls Scaffolding Profile Rolls

Serration Cutter

Serration cutter are manufactured as per customer requirement for rack cutting or CNC jaws serration or as per customer application

Cutters are made with HSS & M42 material, serration cutters are made in straight flute or helical flute rack profile angle

  • Capacity: 0.5 to 25mm
  • Diameter: 30 to 300mm
  • Length: 30mm to 500mm
  • Pr. Angle: As per specifications

Hob Cutter

We manufacture HOB CUTTER for mikron Hobbing Machines and as per customer specifications in HSS M35 & M42 material. Mikron hobbing cutters have shortest lead time as the blank are readily available in stock

we are manufacturing involute cutters, spline shaft cutters and we take order as per customer specifications

  • Capacity: 0.1 to 6 Module
  • Diameter: 8mm to 100mm